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NameTypeBUY, Neutral, NOPrice / price range* (750ml)ABVTasteNotes
1Balvenie, Single Barrel Sherry Cask, 15 year oldSingle Malt Scotch WhiskyBUY570.478vanilla coats, good feeling all the way downgood
2Dalwhinnie Winter's GoldSingle Malt Scotch WhiskyBUY$44 USD in UK0.43wood, then sweet, followed by wood then sweet againvery good
3Glen Scotia, Double CaskSingle Malt Scotch WhiskyBUY460.46pepper on tongue
4Glenfiddich, 18 year oldSingle Malt Scotch WhiskyBUY1190.4smooth honeyvery good
5Isle of Jura, SuperstitionSingle Malt Scotch WhiskyBUY600.43burn and fadegood
6Monkey ShoulderBlended Malt Scotch WhiskyBUY0.4burn with fast fadegood
7Auchentoshan, Three WoodSingle Malt Scotch WhiskyBUY $70-$800.43Strong, long, good
8The Girvan Patent Still, single grain 25 year old, Launch editionSingle Grain Scotch whiskeyBUY $$4000.42smooth, tingles on the tongue, long finishbuy when you have too much money
9Girven 50 year old 1965 (cask 10896), Xtra Old Particular (Douglas Lasing)Single Grain Scotch whiskeyBUY $$$$9000.437Excellent but pricey
10Compass Box, Great King Street Artist's BlendBlended Scotch WhiskeyBUY +450.4smooth, honey coats the tongueBest of the first 20
11George T. Stags, Stagg JrKentucky Straight BourbonBUY +$52-$600.661Whiskey taste! Burns, slow fade that leaves mouth smooth and numbVery good
12Glenfiddich 18 year oldSingle Malt Scotch WhiskyBUY +1190.4good, complex, honeywife likes
13The GlenDronsch, 12 year oldSingle Malt Scotch WhiskyBUY +$70 - $800.43Good, smooth, heat spreads, fades, sherry finish
14Balvenie, 12 year old, DoublewoodSingle Malt Scotch WhiskyBUY ++$46 - $550.43Long soft whiskey burn followed by vanilla taste that fades awayExcellent!
15Mackmyra Swedish Single Malt WhiskySwedish Single Malt WhiskeyBUY, very good$50-$60 USD in Europe, cant find in US0.461Complex - tingle followed by slight peat, then warm stomach, then slight peat
16MaCallan Rare CaskSingle Malt Scotch Whiskyneutral3000.43Pepper, then honey peeperjust okay
17The Dalmore, 15 year oldSingle Malt Scotch Whiskyneutral$75 to $1200.4harsh then smooth, then vanilla followed by honeyjust okay
18Caol Iia, 12 year oldSingle Malt Scotch WhiskyNO$60 - $800.43Nasty
19Elijah Craig, Small Batch Bourbon, 12 year oldBourbon WhiskeyNOnone0.47taste like Listerine (ran out of 12yr)
20Glengoyne, 21 year oldSingle Malt Scotch WhiskyNO1180.43long smooth honey finishgood but not great
21Isle of Jure, Elixir, 12 year oldSingle Malt Scotch WhiskyNO$40-$600.4just okay
22Kilchoman Machir Bay 2014 releaseSingle Malt Scotch WhiskyNO$55-$650.46medicine taste
23MiymgikyoJapanese Single Malt WhiskeyNO$75-$1300.43slow burn, fast fade, slight medicine taste
24Mortlach, 18 year oldSingle Malt Scotch WhiskyNO$270-$3600.434Peat, then mint, then peat with a fast fade. Initial burn in the stomach then a fast fade
25Msckmyra Brukawhisky Swedish Single Malt WhiskeyNO$46-$55 in Europe0.414ok but not special
26North British, 28 year old 1988 (cask 34443), Carn Mor Celebration of the CaskSingle Grain Scotch whiskeyNO~$1000.599just ok
27Old Particular, Caol Ila 15 year old, 1996 (cask 11208)Single Malt Scotch WhiskyNO~$3800.507tingle, sweet, tingle, slight medicine tasteok but no buy
28Teeling Small Batch Irish WhiskeyBlended WhiskeyNO370.46Burning, mid chest
29The Balvenie, Doublewood, 17 years oldSingle Malt Scotch WhiskyNO$130-$1600.43woody with fast fade
30The Dalmore, Cigar Malt ReserveSingle Malt Scotch WhiskyNO1500.44Stings, fades fast, no after taste
31The Lost Distilleries, Blend Batch 8Blended Scotch WhiskeyNOno available0.531medicine taste that fades
32Big Peat at Christmas 2016Blended Malt Scotch WhiskyNO, NO, No650.546Smokey PEAT, followed by peppermint, followed by peat, peat, peat, forever peatThis cured my dog of whiskey cravings. Seriously. When I drink whiskey, the dog always wants a taste from my finger. A lick of Big Peat cured her. One year later and still no interest in whiskey. Doesn’t work on people though. Had a bottle that taste like this when visiting Jay, we couldn't drink it. Jay knew a woman he was seeing had a serious problem when she drank 3/4ths of the bottle while waiting for him.
33Kilchoman, 5 year old 2010 (cask 566/10) , single octave cask releaseSingle Malt Scotch WhiskyTHUMPER, Yes~$1000.58THUMPER, strong, Smokey peat, smoke fades slowly and sweetlyWhen I drink this, I automatically pound by foot on the floor, repeatedly. My wife was not home when I tried this whiskey. When she got home, I poured her some, she tasted it and immediately started banging her hand on the table, repeatedly. Clearly THUMPER is a good summary of the taste. We drank it all.
34Glenfarclas 2009 (bottled 2016) (cask 1805)Single Malt Scotch WhiskyunobtainableNA0.599Excellent, complex, lots of changes on the tongue
35The Lost Distilleries Blend, Batch 7Blended Scotch WhiskyNo~$6300.495strong, back of throat , long finish some wood taste
36Evan Williams Bourbon, Single Barrell 2004 (bottled 2014)Kentucky Straight BourbonNo320.433just ok
37The Blended Whiskey Company, The Half-Century Blend Batch 1 aged over 50 yearsBlended Scotch Whiskyneutral~$6530.455smooth, slow to stomach burn, slight wood, long mild fade
38Lagavulin, 1999, bottled 2015 Pedro Ximenez Cask Finish Distillers editionSingle Malt Scotch Whiskyneutral1290.43wood, tannin -harsh then less so. tried 5x to see if liked - realized 5x try means no
39Johnny Walker BlueBlended Scotchyes2400.4smoothGifted this to my wife. She was saving it for special occasions. After several months only a few shots had been measured out. I explained that, once a bottle is opened, the whiskey starts to oxidize. A half open bottle can last a year, a quarter bottle 3 months -- so we might as well drink it; which we did over the next several weeks. True enough, I could have thought to transfer the contents to smaller containers, reduced the oxidation and significantly increased the lifespan of the contents....but what fun would that be?